Señora Acero - Season 2 Episode 62

Señora Acero
2x62 Season 2 Episode 62

Status: Currently airing

Released: 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.6

Genres: Soap

An innocent woman becomes haunted by the death of her husband to later learn that he was worked in the drug business. This woman, Sara, slowly begins her own drug traffiquing and becomes a ...
Stars: Blanca Soto, Litzy, Jorge Zárate, Valentina Acosta, Aurora Gil, Marco Pérez, Andrés Palacios, Carmen Madrid, Luciana Silveira, Pilar Ixquic Mata, Andrés Zúñiga, Vladimir Castro, Alan Castillo, Alejandro Calva, Roberto Wohlmuth, Christian Sánchez, Andrés Zuno, César López, Alberto Agnesi, José Luis Reséndez.

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