¿Quién es quién? - Season 1 Episode 40

¿Quién es quién?
1x40 Season 1 Episode 40
He went from being a millionaire to selling piñatas from one minute to the next. From Don Juan to engaged man in the same day. The story of Perico Perez and Leonardo Fuentemayor is that of twins separated at birth – each one completely unaware of the existence of the other, and now, by a play of fate, they’ll swap lives, changing subsequently the lives of all those around them. It’s a story in which few truly know Who is.
Stars: Eugenio Siller, Danna Paola, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Laura Flores, Jonathan Islas, Carlos Espejel, Gabriel Valenzuela, Fernando Carrera, Maité Embil, Silvana Arias, Oka Giner, Isabel Moreno, Alex Ruiz, Kenya Hijuelos, Adrian Di Monte, Nicolás Maglione, Guillermo Quintanilla, Sandra Destenave, Armando Torrea, Rubén Morales, Daniela Wong, Marisa Del Portillo, Gabriel Rossi, Sofía Reca, Daniella Macias, Fernando Pacanins, Gisella Aboumrad, Alan Fritz, Miguel Suarez, Issam Villamil.

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