El revolver maldito - Season 1 Episode 19

El revolver maldito
1x19 Season 1 Episode 19

Status: Ended

IMDB Rating: 7.3

Genres: Adventure Western

Dead Man's Gun, produced by Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, is about a pistol forged in hell which brings sorrow into the lives of those who possess it. Each week, a different guest star would have the gun come into their possession in one way or another; usually they end up dead. One of the best things about the show were the great guest stars, usually former big-time actors who aren't quite so mainstream any more, who appeared on the show. Some notable guest stars include Rick Shroeder, Henry Winkler (twice), Matt Frewer and John Glover, John Owens, Corey Mystyshyn, Brian Austin Green, Meat Loaf, Tom Heaton, Adam Beach, Ed Asner, JoBeth Williams, Brian Kerwin, Stephen Lang, Tim Matheson, John Ritter, Matt Craven, Bruce Davidson and Robert Wisden, Michael York, Michael Dorn, Gordon Tootoosis, Chris Humphreys, Daniel Baldwin, Bill Campbell, Patrick Duffy, Larry Drake, Gary Chalk, Joanna Pakula, C. Thomas Howell, Scott Bakula, and William Forsythe. Kris Kristofferson is the regular on the show, narrating every episode. He and the gun are the only links from episode to episode.
Stars: Kris Kristofferson.

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