Power Rangers - Mighty Morphin' Mutants

Power Rangers
1x59 Mighty Morphin' Mutants
Miss Appleby assigns her class to find their personal fault, and attempt to correct it. Tommy's is obvious, he's incredibly forgetful! His teammates try to help out, but he forgets to use the things they made him to keep from forgetting. Meanwhile, Rita has Goldar specially train a group of Putties. Only five pass the tests, and are given the Badges Of Darkness, allowing them to morph into exact evil doubles of the Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, and Black Rangers. To replace Red, the Commander Crayfish monster is created. These evil Rangers give the real ones a run for their money, with most of them even growing large during the Megazord battle!
Elenco: William Shewfelt, Peter Sudarso, Nico Greetham, Zoe Robins, Chrysti Ane, Jordi Webber, Chris Reid, Caleb Bendit, Kelson Henderson, Emma Carr, Byron Coll, Jacque Drew, Marissa Stott, Campbell Cooley, Daryl Habraken.

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