Gun x Sword - Fool Comes by Armor

Gun x Sword
1x25 Fool Comes by Armor
Ray is now killed by the subordinates, while Joshua becomes captured. Fasalina contacts Michael, saying she will return to the base-of-operations through an underground route. The birthday armor undergoes a repair session of forty-seven minutes. Using this as a diversion, Carmen 99 plans to sneak inside and wreck the distribution chambers while Wendy remains by her hover-car. Their plan goes awry when the repair session finishes before schedule, and Carmen encounters Fasalina inside the distribution chambers growing the flowers that destroyed her hometown. While Carmen engages Fasalina, Yukiko finds Joshua, and the two begin sabotaging the launch sequence. Just then, the Dann of Thursday reenters the atmosphere is challenged by the Saudade of Sunday. After a long battle, Dann manages to cripple Saudade, and goes to battle The Claw. Bolstered by Van's reappearance, The El Dorado Five activate a backup engine for El Dorado, while Priscilla reawakens Brownie, as they both take on the remaining knight armors. Wendy rides the hover-car into the hangar of the base-of-operations and encounters Michael, returning from the destruction of the Saudade of Sunday.
Elenco: Takanori Hoshino, Houko Kuwashima, Johnny Yong Bosch.

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