Bola de Dragon - Find That Stone

Bola de Dragon
1x16 Find That Stone
Master Roshi packs up his house in a dyno capsule, and the four of them head to a bigger island. Master Roshi tests the boys' speed by timing them in a 100 meter dash. Krillin goes first, and runs the distance in 10.4 seconds. Goku's time is 11 seconds, but after he takes off his old, beat-up shoes, he runs it in 8 seconds. Master Roshi dazzles them by running it in 5.6 seconds. Then he gives them their final test for the day. He makes a mark on a stone, then throws it into the woods, telling them to find it; the loser must go without dinner for the night. Krillin tries to fool Master Roshi with a stone of his own, but Roshi sees through the lie. Goku finds the stone, but Krillin steals it and runs away. Goku catches up, and the two of them fight. Goku wins, so Krillin throws a decoy stone back into the woods, and Goku runs after it, thinking it's the real one. Krillin takes the real stone back to Master Roshi. However, it ultimately turns out to be a pyrrhic victory for Krillin, as Launch made pufferfish for dinner and failed to properly prepare it.
Elenco: Victor Atelevich, Andrea Kwan, Brice Armstrong, Stephanie Nadolny, Masako Nozawa.

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